PanzerKampf (Eng)


Panzerkampf is a simple game system with spectacular aesthetics.
You can fight on any flat surface, maneuver your detailed tank miniatures and make use of the battlefield scenery provided with the game or one of your own.

Units will move in the same way as in miniature games, using reference markers.

It is played with faithfully detailed 1/150 scale resin tank miniatures that offer a spectacular view of each battle.


PANZERKAMPF is the first game in this tactical series, based on armored combat on the Eastern Front in WWII.

It is played with faithfully detailed 1/150 scale resin tank miniatures that offer a spectacular view of each battle.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your vehicle is essential to acting effectively to destroy or disable the enemy.

Panzerkampf throws you into the fight through a short set of rules that have color and detail where it counts.
With an “Ace” or “Veteran” crew in many of these matchups, you can conquer it all, live to fight another day, or be instantly killed by the muzzle flash of an invisible cannon.

Protection, firepower, speed, and crew experience are critical to the game.
But no one survives without luck, represented by a series of random events that can help influence the balance of combat in one way or another. The engines stop; turret jamming; and from the sky come Stukas and Sturmoviks. Their cannons are deadly, but can they always tell friend from foe?


It consists of several phases that will be completed in the following order:

  • Initiative Phase.
  • Repair Phase.
  • Movement Phase.
  • Turret Turn Phase.
  • Shooting phase.And so on until you reach the objectives of the stage or the destruction of your enemy.


  • * Box: approximately 32x22x6cm in full color and quality.
  • * 1 Sheet of Control Markers: movement, combat, event, etc.
  • * 1 Sheet of Scenery Markers.
  • * 10 1/150 scale resin tanks:
    • 3 T34 41 Russians.
    • 1 Russian SU76.
    • 1 Russian Kv1.
    • 3 Panzer IV F1 Germans.
    • 1 German StuGIII A.
    • 1 German Tiger.
    • * 6 Vehicle Cards (one for each tank model).
    • * 4 6-sided dice.
    • * Manual with complete rules for 2 players (includes 8 scenarios).


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Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 320 × 60 × 220 mm


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