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Trafalgar editions: Publisher of books and games. Specialized in topics of military history, with special attention to the history of Spain and 2 GM, without disregard issues of maximum relief of the history of humanity.
It will be placed great emphasis on the quality of components and for that reason runs will be small, almost at the level artisanal, returning to the quality that the amateur wants to enjoy and that didn't find many years.

Trafalgar product Editions:

Trafalgar editions you will find two types of products, to cover all the needs of its customers:


With the following characteristics:

  • Maps to every little detail.
  • Attractive graphic design.
  • Simple regulations.
  • Games not too extensive.

Want that are books informative, that arrive to the great public to give to know the large battles and events of the humanity in the theme of that is concerned in each title u work.

They will be published in book format easy to read, with sheets and graphics, as well as explanatory maps that can help to understand what happened.

For the most demanding readers, we will publish research books on events in the history of Spain.

To enjoy it to the fullest:

Can bring you both products related: libro+juego:

It book of history accompanies the game with which the client can report is of an event historical (book) and, also, to simulate it with a regulation, chips and maps (game of simulation historical) what will enrich not only the reading of the book (is can go simulating what is lee in the same map) but when is play, is will remember it read understanding better the mechanism of these historical events.


I hope it is to your liking.

Crisanto Lorente.

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