Ships of the line: Trafalgar 1805 (2ed)


Luxury box with 60 miniatures of PVC simulating the ships of the time, with 180 (+ reserve 9) removable sails (removed and put to simulate wear in combat) there is a painting service if you want the 60 painted figures.

Wargame easy and fun in your basic rules that expand with the advanced rules giving you a deep dimension that will delight the most experienced players. (Note: Some of the images include extra components that are not included with the basic game and are sold to part)

List of the components that appear in the game box:

  • 10 Plates simulating the sea
  • 3 Markers Sheets
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 Help sheets of tables (tables and shifts)
  • 2 small sheets of vessel registration
  • 7 Large leaves register of ships
  • 27 Red Vessels (British)
  • 18 Blue Vessels (French)
  • 15 Yellow ships (English)
  • 6 dies d6
  • 180 + 9 Sails

+ 4 H

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“Ships of the line: Trafalgar 1805” is a game system that is designed to simulate naval battles that took place in the period from 1740 to the end of the Napoleonic era in 1815.

“Trafalgar 1805″ simulates the historical facts that came in the greatest naval battle of history, between the antiquity and the 2nd G.M. In this edition, the reader will find the confrontation in the Cape of Trafalgar, between the British fleet, led by Admiral Nelson and the Hispano-Française, led by Admiral Villeneuve and Gravina, on October 21, 1805, a battle of 60 ships of line.

Basic game and with advanced rules to give more realism to the game, is for 2 and more players depending on how the ships are distributed. You. You can now recreate the epic naval battle and change the story!

Designer: Crisanto Lorente González.

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