Waterloo 1815: The Last Battle of Napoleon (3ed)



Game with luxury box and cardboard tokens that simulate the formations of the armies. There are also informational markers. Events of historical events that will make your games different always. Informational help letters. Dice. Fun, easy to play also has advanced rules to better simulate the battle. (Note: some of the images include extra components that are not included in the basic game and sold to part)

  • Luxury box.
  • Tablero-Mapa A1, assembled size and 2mm thick.
  • 2 marker Sheets
  • Cards to help players and combat boards.
  • Rule booklet
  • 4 colored dice (2 red and 2 blue)

+ 3h

Download rules and scenarios

Additional add-ons are also available: Fortifications 50 wooden markers Impacts Small Impacts Large Gunner Shot Templates Waterloo Frame Sheet

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Strategy game or wargame game that simulates the last battle of Napoleon and the end of your empire. This game recreates the battle fought between the French army, led by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the Allied troops, led by Duke of Wellington and the Prussian army of Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blocher, near the city of Waterloo (Belgium) , on June 18, 1815. The military units (infantry, cavalry or artillery) of this game are represented by tokens of different sizes. The game board represents the type of terrain where the real battle took place. This map shows the most important places as well as different types of terrain that existed at the time of the famous battle. Designer: José Antonio Baena Luengo


Note: The videos correspond to the 1st edition of the game which included wooden tokens. This 3nd edition does not include.

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