City of Patriots: Madrid, May 2, 1808


Game with luxury box that recreates the bloody day in Madrid against the French invader on a fateful but glorious May 2, 1808.

It contains a map that recreates the city of Madrid with its historic neighborhoods and districts from 1808, markers and cardboard tokens that simulate the opposing forces and two card engines: event and command that make the games always different and obtain results. disparate that will give the game a versatility difficult to overcome.

Short-term games that will delight everyone.

Only 6 turns!


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“City of Patriots!”, develops an easy and manageable game system that simulates urban combat in the Napoleonic era. This manual deals with the popular uprising of May 2, 1808 in the city of Madrid, and is designed for two players.

“City of Patriots!”, contains general rules that are intended for non-experienced players in war games in order to have a fun time that takes little time. Expert players will find, at the end, Advanced Rules to simulate the reality of the contest more thoroughly.

The game map represents the city of Madrid where the contest took place.

In the game, it has been arranged that the turns simulate time, so that each turn will be equivalent to 60 minutes of real time. During this time the troops and the patriots will be able to move, fight, charge or regroup, and even do nothing.


The game has been organized in Turns; Within each turn there are several phases, always starting with the Spanish player. We will call the player who plays the “active player”.

Phase I: Event chits and Reinforcements. Command cards.

Players must draw Event chits to find out what happens during the current turn. In addition, each side takes the «Command» cards.

Reinforcements are placed.

Phase II: The active player can do the following:

Move and fight.

Phase III: Revolt Phase, which takes place at the end of the French player’s turn and is for both players.

Depending on the outcome of the events, and depending on the number of Spanish casualties or French soldiers, the revolt box is adjusted, which indicates the number of event cards that can be drawn from the deck for the next turn. This box wants to represent the level of fury that each contender has for the next turn.

This sequence will be repeated until the end of the game.

Designer: Crisanto Lorente.


– 30 Cards
– 2 player help sheets
– 2 sheets of die-cut tokens (total 192)
– 42*57cm map
– +2 sheets to help the player
– Rules of the game (16 pages including: 6 rules pages, 2 optional rules pages, 2 tables pages, 1 scenario page and 5 commentary and historical simulation pages)
– +1 optional scenario
– Box of 30*22*4.5 cm
– Bag



Minute 8:30-52:00


A wargamers needfulthings

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Dimensions 22 × 4,5 × 30 mm


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