Fog at Austerlitz 1805

The fog does not allow to see more than a few meters in front of you. It drowns all the sounds, wrapping the Altos of the Pratzen in a silence like a tomb. You fear that the fog hides a French army that assaults your position. Maybe your fears are being fulfilled…

At Austerlitz 1805 we could not forget the fog that covered the battlefield during the beginning of the contest. That allied fog of Napoleon that made the clear vision of the enemy impossible.

Our game incorporates fog during the first shifts, with a variable duration, so you can plan your strategy in advance knowing it will last between 3 and 7 shifts before you start to dissipate.

During the fog, the detection capacity of the units is reduced and you will not be able to know if the "chits" in front of you are lures or real units until you get very close to them.

Chips to play with fog of war

The true composition of each training will be hidden in the strategic map of each player, in numbered boxes, to place on the map in case the unit is revealed.

Strategic ally
French strategic

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In this way, with a minimum number of rules, it adds great tactical depth on the map, having to adapt your battle plans to some troops that you do not know the exact composition.