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Fog at Austerlitz 1805

The fog does not allow to see more than a few meters in front of you. It drowns all the sounds, wrapping the Altos of the Pratzen in a silence like a tomb. You fear that the fog hides a French army that assaults your position. Maybe your fears are being fulfilled…

At Austerlitz 1805 we could not forget the fog that covered the battlefield during the beginning of the contest. That allied fog of Napoleon that made the clear vision of the enemy impossible.

Our game incorporates fog during the first shifts, with a variable duration, so you can plan your strategy in advance knowing it will last between 3 and 7 shifts before you start to dissipate.

During the fog, the detection capacity of the units is reduced and you will not be able to know if the "chits" in front of you are lures or real units until you get very close to them.

Chips to play with fog of war

The true composition of each training will be hidden in the strategic map of each player, in numbered boxes, to place on the map in case the unit is revealed.

Strategic ally
French strategic

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In this way, with a minimum number of rules, it adds great tactical depth on the map, having to adapt your battle plans to some troops that you do not know the exact composition.

Austerlitz 1805-Kickstarter on 30 April

From Trafalgar Editions We share the news of our next campaign on April 30th in Kickstarter:

Austerlitz 1805:

Austerlitz 1805 and Waterloo 1815 with wooden tokens
Austerlitz 1805

Its strengths are a simple game system and the aesthetics of its clear map without grid or zones. The units will move in the same way as in miniature scenery, using reference templates.

This title recreates Napoleon's greatest victory, also known as "The Battle of the Three Emperors," in which he defeated the troops of the Austro-Russian Alliance.

Napoleon in Austerlitz 1805
Austerlitz 1805

It Is a system suitable for players of wargaming demanding, as well as to start in this type of games, because, without leaving aside the historical rigor and the simulation, it is very accessible for all the levels.

The players will find rules covering the use of artillery and rifle discharges, shrapnel, cavalry charges, infantry formations and a moral system that will make you feel immersed in one of the most emblematic battles of the time.

Waterloo 1815 2 ª Edition
Same system as Waterloo 1815

On April 30th, you can get along with it, as well as an update on the Waterloo tokens, as we have increased the size of the chips to collect more information.

We are Also finishing a book on the Battle of Austerlitz, to include it as add-on of the campaign (here we show you a preview of the book)

Units in combat with markers in wood
Units in combat and markers in wood

In Addition to all this, we keep some surprise for the patrons, which we will reveal during the campaign.

We thank You in advance for the diffusion you can give to our campaign.

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Detail of units in wood
Wood combat units

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