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This Saturday 9th of February we were in Manzanares El Real with the association @Portalludico in its annual days.

Very friendly people and a day of great profit as many people did not know us and were impressed with Austerlitz and Norway 1940:

Norway 1940 and Austerlitz 1805

We also took the opportunity to test scenarios of Austerlitz, specifically "Los Altos del Pratzen" with a new game system, a new prototype… If we don't stop.

The Altos of the Pratzen, Austerlitz 1805 prototype

Videos-Help for Norway 1940


Although Crisanto has already posted links of several videos that we have uploaded to the channel, here I will put all to you that you have a reference to be able to locate them more easily. There are 6 videos on the turn of the game, which you had asked us on several occasions…. Let’s go with the videos (in Spanish)

Aerial staff, aerodromes and aviation:

Port sheets, battle orders, initial Setup:

Shift Record Table:

Landings, Naval combat and ground combat

Game shift (Here are the 6 videos in order):

The turn-of-the-game were to initially be 3 videos, but they went to 6;)…

If you have more doubts, please comentadlo here and resolve… We hope you like the videos and help you 

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