Austerlitz 1805 (2ed)


Austerlitz 1805!

2nd edition In Austerlitz 1805 the conditions of battle are recreated, from the forces involved by both sides, with all the historical rigor, to the fog conditions that conditioned the first part of the battle. It Also allows you to rewrite the story of the battle and get a different result and explore alternative strategies during the battle:

  • 2 Players or +
  • 90-180 minutes
  • Innovative game system, on a board without hexagons or zones, that allows us to enjoy all its aesthetic splendor.

In the box you will find:

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Austerlitz 1805.

Austerlitz 1805 is a wargame in which the French army, commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte himself, is confronted against the armies of the Third Coalition: The Russian Army under the control of Tsar Alexander I and the Austrian led by Emperor Francis I.

Its strengths are a simple gameplay and the aesthetics of your clear map without grid or zones. The units will move in the same way as in miniature scenery, using reference templates.

It is a system suitable for demanding wargame players, as well as to get started in this type of games, because, without leaving aside the historical rigor and simulation, it is very accessible for all levels.

The players will find rules covering the use of artillery and rifle discharges, shrapnel, cavalry charges, infantry formations and a moral system that will make you feel immersed in one of the most emblematic battles of the time.

We Have The units that historically participated in the battle: Our Infantry cards, and cavalry represent brigades on the map. Artillery tokens represent batteries.

A special mention deserves the board, as we have opted for a clear map of hexagons, without zones, as the scenery of miniatures, on which the pieces of units are placed, which will move using reference templates.

In the case of artillery fire, depending on shrapnel or normal artillery fire, we will use templates to check the range

Designer: José Antonio Baena Luengo.

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2nd edition is identical to the 1st edition.


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