Trafalgar Editions – books and games

What’s new:

  • Anatomy of a defeat. Trafalgar Naval Campaign, 1804-1805. Book.
  • Hitler’s asians: German Army volunteers 1941-45. Book.
  • Bernardo de Gálvez: Pensacola Campaign 1781 or the independence of the US. USA, history book of Spain.

Upcoming titles:

  • Austerlitz 1805 – war game or wargame.
  • Austerlitz 1805 – history book.
  • Pirates!!! -introductory Game to family Wargame.
  • Tactical Commander/ Tactical Command- World War II card game.
  • Aboukir 1798 and war in the Lakes-series of the Ships collection Line-wargame.
  • Blood & Steel: Game of epic battles between miniatures of 32mm. Blood & Steel
  • Poland’39: Operation Fall Weiss – war or wargame game.
  • Poland ‘ 39: Invasion of Poland – history book.
  • Second of may, 1808: City of Patriots – game war or wargame.
  • Second of may, 1808: the beginning of the end of Napoleon. -History book.

Published Titles:

  • The Norwegian Campaign, 1940, both in history book and in wargame game.
  • Norwegian 3d Wood map: to play like You never Did.
  • Waterloo 1815: The last battle of Napoleon, both in history as a fun war game or wargame book.
  • Ships of the line: the battle of Trafalgar, both in book of history and fun war game or wargame.

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