Board Games Convention at Málaga BGC2018

Trafalgar Ed will attend the International meeting of the board games Convention to be held in Malaga on 9, 10 and 11 November, and will take place at the Cultural Center "the Thermal" (Avda. Of the Guindos number 48, to locate it better)

We will be from day 10 until day 11.

For more information about this event visit their website: We will present two games that were already seen at the international Fair of Córdoba last October and will bring Norway 1940 our last wargame of the series 2nd World War:

Pirates!!!. Game for 2-4 and 6 players.

Image of part of the map deployed (map of the islands that can be placed as desired, making never one game equal to another) an event card, which is the most fun of the game.   Games played in Cordoba, for 3 players in this case. Best detail of the plates of the multiforme map.

Blood & Steel, miniature game, with new figures like the Achilles.

New hero: Achilles.

Norway 1940, German invasion, wargame.

Norway 1940 We wait for you.