Panzerkampf – SU 76M


Russian Anti-TankSU 76M with 76,2 MM ZIS-3 gun

1/150 scale resin vehicle

Vehicle card is not included in the price. The miniature comes UNPAINTED.


In October 1942, a design team at Kirov Factory No. 38 developed the assembly of the famous dual-purpose ZIS-3 field gun that also functioned as an effective anti-tank gun, using the components of the T-70M light tank, resulting in the SU 76. The vehicle was redesigned by the designer of the T-70 in April 1943, and in July 1943 the SU-15 (SU-76M) officially replaced the SU-76 in production. Its rather simple construction and multi-purpose combat role made it the second most produced Soviet armored fighting vehicle of World War II, after the T-34 medium tank. The SU 76M was very effective against German light and medium tanks.


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