Panzerkampf – KV 85


Russian heavy tankKV 85 with 85 mm gun D-5T.

1/150 scale resin vehicle.

Vehicle card is not included in the price. The miniature comes UNPAINTED.


The KV-85 was an interim upgrade of the Soviet KV heavy tank series. The KV-85 was actually a KV-1S with the hull machine gun removed and with the new IS-85 turret, still under development, with the 85 mm D-5T gun, the same gun that was being mounted on the SU-85 tank destroyer since mid-1943 and would later be mounted on early versions of the T-34-85. This gun was capable of penetrating the dreaded German Tiger I from 1,000 meters. The KV-85 meant that Soviet industry was able to produce a heavy tank almost as well armed as the Tiger before the end of 1943.


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