Trafalgar Ed. day

On October 21, 1805 battle of Trafalgar, with the defeat of the fleet combined, led by an inept French admiral, against the British fleet of Nelson is produced. It is not one defeat in the history of Spain, but the defeat with more exaltation of Hispanic values: stoicism, honor, obedience, service, brotherhood and glory.

According to these values, in Trafalgar Ed. It continues to struggle with Norway Kickstarter campaign. We have a week. We have more than 50% of the proceeds, this very complicated, but we will not relent in the effort to bring forward one of them, may be more risky campaigns conducted by the German army during the second world war.

What gives the game an intensity that is hard to find in other campaigns.

If you want to support us, brings in the campaign: Norway 1940

today is our day!

Trafalgar Ed.