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Blood & Steel

Dear friends,

From Trafalgar Ed We are working to edit a new set of miniatures, with which we opened a new editorial line: Blood and Steel, mythological series. We intend to create collections of miniatures that can be exchanged and that each player can choose the series and the hero they want and confront another within each series.

Epic fighting game between legendary miniatures.

28mm Miniatures made by JD Flores.
Illustrations by Daniel RGB.
First collection: Mythological collection, of 9 figures, with the following characters:
Minotaur, Thor, Schatha, Medusa, Achilles, Shiva, Ciclope, Anubis and Tengu.
The game engine is for cards.
There are, for each player, a general deck of cards where you can do up to 3 actions per turn or round of play.
The mallet consists of letters of various types of action: movement, advancement, combat, combat and defense, defense, recover vigor (fatigue), get up fast, get up normal, push the opponent, and do nothing.
In addition, each miniature has its 3 special action cards that differentiate it from the other characters and miniatures that may exist in the game, which makes them unique and exclusive.
With these and the other cards of the general deck, each player must define his strategy in each round of combat, closely monitoring his vigor (fatigue)
It is very important to know who wins the initiative in each round of combat (a 10-sided dice is thrown, and you add or subtract two things: if you won the initiative in the previous round, you have a-1 to the result of your circulation, and you can add or subtract the feature of your per Sounding on this point)
The fact of winning or losing the initiative can condition the tactic to follow in the ensuing round of combat, but most importantly, you must choose your strategy before this roll of dice, which makes each round is even more intense than the previous one. You play it!
The vigor is very important during the game because if you fatigue your character a lot (do more than 2 actions per round of combat consume vigor, or perform epic and complex actions as well) there will come a time that you can only do one action per turn and you will be lost.
The miniatures are handled with motion markers, as we did with Waterloo and Trafalgar, a similar system, so that each player has absolute freedom to move his miniature where he wants, playing letters of motion and using the tabs of Movement to know where it moves.
The profile of each character, in addition to fatigue, contains: points of life, strength, dexterity, skill and fatigue.
All these factors to keep in mind to survive and win your opponent, are fundamentally linked to the points of life, which condition the rest so that the less points of life you have, the less points of skill, strength, dexterity or fatigue, you can Support.
luchando en la catedral arcana
Game fast, no more than 10-15 minutes of combat between two figures, or a little more if you play 2 against 2, makes this game of miniatures, along with its movement system, is unique in the market.
We have tried several days and events: Ludo Ergo Sum of Madrid, Comic Con de Madrid, Comic Con de Gijón, with great success among the players who have tried.
We are now working with Thor, Minotaur and Schatha, as well as with the first game map (a floor of an arcane cathedral) and the back of the cards in this collection as well as the game's logo.
In the first volume will be these three miniatures.
Thor, Minotauro y Schatha
We have opened a forum for questions on the web of the publisher, in the following link you can access for more information. We'll be posting updates there. Blood and Steel
However we will open a website for this game and a page on FB to keep up information on how we go and what is being done.
The idea is to make a Kicstarter between April and May 2018, in order to offer the basic game consisting of: full-luxury detail box with 3 28mm figures, 2 general decks, 3 decks of 3 special cards for each figure , motion markers, fatigue, damage… character card and a 10-sided dice.
If things go well, they will unlock targets, which will be up to 5 or 6 more figures, with their corresponding special cards, character cards, etc.
 We will be in route with the game in the following shops and days:
You also have more images and information on Facebook
At Kickstarter we will be at the beginning of April. More info in the Games section, click on Blood & Steel.
I hope you like it.
Best regards.

New review by Dr. Meeple

The blog of Dr. Meeple, dedicated to board games, makes a very interesting review of the game Waterloo 1815: the last battle of Napoleon, then makes it from the point of view of a player novel in games of war or wargames.

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