III days of games and wargaming in Madrid

A whole Saturday to play from 9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. to our favorite games. Day 21 of April, in the facilities of the club Amigo Mecatolrex, located in the street Matilde Hernández, 36. 2 º left. I leave you link to the website of the forum CETportal so you can see where, when and how we will make the days for the 17th anniversary of the CET in Madrid and the 12th of Arsbellica. Go on. At the end of the day we will go, as always to celebrate at a sorority dinner all you want. 17th Anniversary CET – wargaming MADRID Conference in this forum the information will be updated and the games and game planned by the visitors and players will be upgraded to an Excel. Also those who want, can join the Guild dinner to be held at the end of the days in a bar pyramids, tapas in the area of pyramids.

We wait for you!

Organised by: Strategy Club and Tactica Arsbellica Trafalgar Editions Collaborate (among others): Draco Ideas Mecatolrex The great Captain Bellica 3Generation wargaming Reviewer 2D6 magazine The last third Hispania sails Epic Café AgrPriority RollsandTrolls Punta de Launches 31 January thirds Falcata magazine #WargamesMadrid