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We were at the II BellotaCon

Last weekend of the 24th, Thursday, the 27th, Sunday, the second days of Wargaming were held in Badajoz, Las BellotaCon and as always, we have attended this great event. For the second consecutive year we sponsor one of the best national conventions of wargam
ing. This year exceeded almost any estimate being nearly 100 attendees, all one enjoyed for the Wargameros. In addition there were two outstanding guests: StukaJoe and Volko Ruhnke.

I upload some pictures so you can appreciate the great atmosphere that was breathed every day in the II BellotaCon.

Departure of Austerlitz in solitary mode.
Austerlitz, aspect of the map of fog of war and of the wooden tokens.
Aspect of the Allied attack by the south. Solo game mode.
Explanation of the game Norway 1940.
aspect of the leaf of Allied ports in Norway 1940.
Our Stand in the BellotaCon.
Waiting to storm the ham.
We made good friends.
We take a brutal game to Aboukir 1798 with these admirals.

Blood and Steel and Norway 1940 in Jerez de la Frontera

Next weekend, April 6-7-8, the 9th Conference of board Games of the CMCM Association will be held with the new game of @TrafalgarEd Blood and Steel, as well as with Norway 1940. We hope to make a championship of the first and a demo games of the second.

  • Norway 1940 all Saturday.
  • Line ships: Trafalgar 1805, on display.
  • Blood and Steel, Sunday morning, championship included.
  • We will take books from Waterloo, Trafalgar and Norway for the interested parties.

See you!!

Dear friends, we have modernized our beloved logo of the publisher, the traditional logo: we move to a more modern and current logo: continues the philosophy of the publisher:

We navigate history with books and games.

I hope you like it.