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Austerlitz 1805: The masterpiece of Napoleon

With this entry we give reference to the next title that we will edit: Austerlitz 1805: The masterpiece of Napoleon. Work of two Spanish authors: Raúl Bellido and Juan Carlos Lozano.

Austerlitz 1805, the masterpiece of Napole
ónQue Napoleon Bonaparte marked a time in the history of Europe is well known. Not in vain today we continue to call as Napoleonic Wars the set of conflicts that occurred during the early NINETEENTH century.

That was a controversial figure no doubt, but surely everyone will come to coincide at one point: Napoleon was a military genius. He participated in dozens of encounters, multiple mass battles, almost always reaping sound victories. Among them the most relevant and magnificent was the Battle of Austerlitz.

More than two centuries after the battle finally publishes a book written by Spanish authors about that decisive moment in European history. The bibliography used has been selected to accommodate all points of view, dealing with German, Russian, Italian, British, French and, of course, Spanish texts.

The visual component has been maximized, including more than 25 maps detailing the smallest details of the strategic development of the campaign and, above all, the course of the battle itself. To add to all this more than a dozen new illustrations that show the uniforms of the participating troops, facilitating the historical immersion.

A complete work to narrate the definitive battle, the masterpiece of the Emperor.