Austerlitz, Napoleon's masterpiece – interview

Intense and fun interview on the blog @bellumartist of the book "Austerlitz, Napoleon's masterpiece"

In the words of Francis, (podcastner):

Austerlitz is, without a doubt, the zenith of the military mastery of a geniu
s like Napoleon.In numerical inferiority, in just three months, from August 25, 1805, the day when the first units of the "Grande Armée", cantoned in Boulogne, until December 4 of the same year, the day when the Austrian emperor Francis I—Francis II, if we serve his title as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire—requests the armistice. Napoleon has occupied Vienna, destroying almost all of the Austrian army, disbanded the Russian army heading towards Poland and consolidating its full control in Central and Western Europe. To
know this battle we have the help of Raúl Bellido y Crisanto, author and editor respectively of the book "Austerlitz, Napoleon's masterpiece" only work written in Spanish about this battle.

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