City of Patriots: Madrid, 2nd may 1808 P-150!

Game with box of luxury that recreates the bloody day in Madrid against the invading French a fateful but glorious 2 of mayo of 1808.

It contains a map that recreates the city of Madrid with their neighborhoods and historic districts of 1808, markers and cardboard sheets simulating the opposing forces and two engines of letters: events and control that make games always are different and obtain diverse results that will give the game a difficult versatility overcome.

Departures of short duration that will delight everyone. Only 6 shifts!

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“City of Patriots!”, develops a system of game easy and manageable that simulates the fighting urban at the time Napoleonic. This manual is the popular uprising of May 2, 1808, in the city of Madrid, and is designed for two players.

“City of Patriots!”, contains general rules that are designed for non-experts in war games players in order to have a fun time that takes little time. Experienced players will find, at the end, advanced rules to simulate the reality of the race more thoroughly.

The map of game represents the city of Madrid where is developed the contest. The map has printed a network of areas to delimit the movements of troops and citizens throughout the city. Large areas represent the historical districts of Madrid. Within each district, there are small areas, which represent the historical districts of t[1]he city, to help us at the time of placing the units correctly.

[1] Them names of them districts and the districts are those existing in the Madrid of 1808.

In the game it has arranged shifts to simulate time, so each turn equals 60 minutes of real time. During this time the troops and the Patriots can move, fight, upload or regroup, and even doing nothing.

The game is composed of military and civilian tokens that represent 4 types of units that exist in the game: infantry, cavalry and artillery, as well as units of civilians; There are also markers for the game. In addition there are a few tables that will help the player.


The game is been organized in shifts; within each turn there are several phases, starting always the player Spanish. Call the player who play “active player”.

Phase I: letters from events and reinforcements. Letters of the command.

Players must catch events letters to know what happens during the current turn. In addition, each side takes letters of “Remote control” according to regulations, and will use them in some, any or all phases of the turn in game, ruling out of them after use.

They placed them reinforcements.

Phase II: The active player can do the following:

Move and fight.

Phase III: Phase of revolt, which is performed at the end of the turn of the French player and is for two players.

According to the result of them events, and according to the number of low Spanish or of soldiers French, is adjusts the box of revolt, that us indicates the number of letters of events that is can steal of the deck for the next shift. This box to represent the level of fury that has every contender for the next turn.

Each player replenishes his hand of command cards according to regulation.

This sequence shall be repeated until the end of the game.

It starts the game with deployed forces as described in the book of reinforcements and starts to play the Spanish player in the turn 1.

Designer: Crisanto Lorente.


It can be accompanied by a book of the same title that chronicles events in the city of Patriots locals, and is independent of the game sales.

only sold in Spanish!!!

Author: Emilio Sanchez
Maps: Crisanto Lorente
Illustrations: Juan Delgado Diez-madronero




  1. Charles IV and the French Revolution
  2. A burdensome Alliance
  3. A silent invasion


  1. A wrong Avenue Royal family
  2. The riot of Aranjuez


  1. Madrid in 1808
  2. Hell in the streets
  3. Consequences of the rising



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