How is Saint Junípero Serra (… and what the US owes him).


“Fray Junípero Serra… and what U.S. owes him”
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“Fray Junípero Serra… and what U.S. owes him”

Long before Cowboys movies (like, for example, fights between native Americans and cowboys, gunfighters duels, the Gold Rush in California which drew so many immigrants, and the spectacular movies with the calvary riding horses and shooting their guns) there was a civilization in the far West.

It was not just civilization. There were people who were worried about native Americans and tried to improve their lives instead of fighting against them. They them how to cultivate crops, animals, build houses, etc. They even built schools and universities in order to cultivate their minds..

How was all that possible? thanks to a system of missions established by the Spanish, among them one stands out: San Junípero Serra, who founded nine missions and maintained others that were already underway by 1740. For this reason he is the only Spaniard to have a statue in The U.S. Capitol. There they call him “California’s father”


Author: Alvaro Gil Ruiz
Illustrations: Henry Aponte Niño.
ISBN: 978-84-945863-7-8


Before the conquest of the Wild West… Were there only Indians? Who is Junípero Serra?

  • When and where was he born?
  • Where did he study?
  • What did he do afterwards?

What is California?

  • How is California divided?
  • What is a mission? What were they founded for?
  • How did they found missions?
  • Why are called “missionaries” and where did Saint Junipero Serra found missions?
  • Why did they start building missions in Alta California?
  • How many missions did Saint Junipero founded in Alta California?
  • Did these missions change time?

Wh is Saint Junipero Serra’s legacy in ?
Wh is Saint Junipero Serra’s legacy in Mexico?
Wh is Saint Junipero Serra’s legacy in the Catholic Church?

  • Did people call him?
  • Wh was Saint Junipero’s motto while he was finding missions
  • When did he passed away and where are his human remains?

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