Book Trafalgar 1805

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Simple, easy-to-read binding, with sheets and charts, as well as explanatory maps that help to perfectly understand what happened during the Trafalgar Naval campaign and its line vessels. 91 pages. B/N Maps Illustrations


“Trafalgar 1805″ quickly recounts the origins of the most epic naval battle in history. A plan that Napoleon had devised and that his Admiral Villeneuve threw by land with delays and procrastinations in the decision making, made that the fleet of a Nelson inflamed destroyed it in a mythical combat, where the Spanish and French endowments were massacred. Thousands of human lives reaped, a nation humiliated and betrayed, and an emerging power, is the result of a crazy decision by a French admiral in Cape Trafalgar.

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Author: Crisanto Lorente González
Maps: Crisanto Lorente González
: Juan Delgado Diez-Madroñero y Crisanto lorente González

The plans of Napoleon
the commanders in Liza
the confronted fleets;
Technical aspects
The final campaign of Trafalgar: The battle conclusion

César Blog or Nothing:

Caesar‘s Blog or nothing makes a critique of the book of Trafalgar.


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