The Inventory. Bartholomew's Night

The INVENTORY describes how the system of control of communist repression in Bulgaria was. This is the story of a prisoner of death during communism in Bulgaria, his fabricated crimes, his summary trials, the prisons where he was held and the mine where he became a slave until his release in the 60s!, here, yes, in Europe!. A stolen life to remember. … that is why, as our character says when he remembers a forbidden pleasure, when smoking: "the first puff is the best".

136 pages Available in Spanish only.

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The starting point is September 9, 1944 when the Soviets enter Bulgaria.
The novel revolves around Nicholas' childhood memories and the need to know where his mother's insurmountable silence comes from.
The answer will be given by Gogo, a close friend of the family, through the talks that they hold for a summer via Skype.Thanks to him, Nicholas will put together the puzzle of a past full of memories and the life of Gogo sentenced to death three times: years of exile 50km north of Sofia, work in a uranium mine in the rodopimountain massif, Sofia Central prison in the heart of Sofia –Boulevard Stoletov n21-, extreme forced labor in a concentration camp in Samovodene,transfer to an "improved" camp in Pleven (time of de-Stalinization) and finally amnesty.
More than twenty years between exile, murders and confinement in which Gogo makes a beautiful song to sanity, survival and life in a time of extreme harshness and cruelty, so that Nicholas understands, through his own memories, how far his mother's silence reaches.
Gogo describes chronologically his life without concessions or half-truths in chapters written in the form of dialogue, relying on the life, experiences and feelings of so many others who like him had to go through the same thing, and of his mother on the night of Bartholomew.
ISBN: 978-84-945863-9-2
  • Prologue Breakfast 3 June afternoon 3 June night Chains 19 June Liver 17 June Nativity Scene 24 June Puerta del Sol 1 July Strawberries and chocolate 8 July Wardrobe 15 July You have died 22 July De-Stalinization 29 July Free 5 August Room 12 August. Bartholomew's Night Stalin's Embrace 19 August Wakes Up 26 August Chronological note



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