Hitler’s Asians


“Hitler’s Asians. Volunteers from India, Central Asia and Far East in the German Army 1941-1945 “simple binding, easy reading, with sheets and graphics, as well as explanatory maps. 94 pages. Color. Maps. Illustrations. Available in Spanish only.

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“Hitler’s Asians. Volunteers from India, Central Asia and Far East in the German Army 1941-1945 “

When the American troops took the beach of Normandy, on June 6, 1944, they discovered to their surprise that, in one of the sectors where they had just fought and died, all the prisoners made to the enemy were not German “Aryans”, but Asians. Initially they thought that it was a detachment that the Japanese army had sent in aid of the Reich. But the reality was more incredible, for those Orientals were a series of combatants from various Asian countries who had taken up arms at Hitler’s service. During the Second World War, the phenomenon of the foreign volunteers in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS was so broad that, in addition to the thousands of Europeans and Arabs who went through their ranks, also did a multitude of Asians. The most well-known case was that of the Legion SS Indian composed of Hindu soldiers who craved the independence of the British Empire, as well as the anticommunist Turkestanos (Kazakh, Uzbeks, Tajik, Alexander, Tuvans…) of the Legion Turkestan, the Buddhist Riders Of the Kalmyk Cavalry Corps, the Tartars of the “Idel-Ural” legion and even a lesser number of Mongols, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thais, Indonesians and Tibetans, among others.

Author: Rubén Villamor maps: Rubén Villamor Illustrations: Henry Aponte Niño and Juan Delgado photographs: Bundesarchive ISBN: 978-84-945863-5-4 index:

Introduction I.-Volunteers from India.

Chandra Bose and the “Azad Hind” Battalion “Azad Hindustan” Legion SS India

II.-Central Asian Volunteers

Idea of the Great Turkestan Legion Turkestana 162 ª Infantry Division Turkmen SS Regiment Turkestano

III.-East Asian Volunteers

Eastern Battalion

IV.-Crimean Tatar and Volga volunteers

1st Brigade SS Tartare Legion of Tartaric Mountain Hunters Legion Tartar of the Volga “Idel-Ural”

V.-Calmucos Volunteers

Kalmyk Cavalry Corps


Battle Order Statistics

VII-Critical Bibliography Archives of History


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