The Norwegian Campaign, 1940


The 1940 Norwegian Campaign; Operation Weserübung. Simple binding, easy to read, with sheets and graphics, as well as explanatory maps that help to understand perfectly what happened during the Norwegian campaign. 84 pages. Color. Maps. Illustrations. Available in Spanish only.   Download the first chapter.

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“The Norwegian Campaign, 1940”

Although in most general histories of the Second world general the Norwegian Campaign of 1940 is dispatched in a few pages or lines — then left to pay attention to the spectacular offensive begun on May 10 on the Western Front That led to the fall of Belgium, Holland and the powerful France, it is no less true that it is one of the most studied campaigns in the schools of staff of the different Western armies, being the German invasion of Norway, which was materializo in the early hours of Tuesday 9 of April, the first combined operation of the history, since it required the coordinated performance of the three branches of the Wehrmacht (the Heer, the Kriegsmarine and the Lüftwaffe) under a joint command. In this way, the simultaneous occupation of the main Norwegian cities would take place in a very risky operation, right in front of the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet.

Author: Emilio Sánchez maps: vkrisis illustrations: Juan Delgado Diez-Madroñero illustration Warspite: Commander Eric Tufnell Photographs: Bundesarchive ISBN: 978-84-945863-2-3 index:

Introduction I.-The decision to invade Norway

Norway and its strategic importance at the beginning of the Second World War the genesis of the plan Weserübung Allied plans

II.-The German assault

The German plan Weserübung Norte: Blood in the Fjords Weserübung South: The invasion of Denmark

III.-The Allied counterattack

The response of the Royal Navy rethinking the Strategy the conquest of the south of Norway British landings in Central Norway

IV.-the campaign of Narvik fights in the Circle Polar victory in the defeat

The withdrawal


Conclusions chronology: 1939 and 1940

Critique of Bellumartis Critique of universe La Maga


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