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Simple, easy-to-read bookmarking with pictures and graphics, as well as explanatory maps to help you fully understand what happened during the Waterloo Campaign.

93 pages.
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Only published in Spanish !!!

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“Waterloo 1815” was the last battle of Napoleon. It is the culmination of the events that unfold during the 100 Days in which the French Emperor escapes his captivity, and with the speed that always characterized him, is capable of forming a huge army in order to face the allies who, Connoisseurs of their escape from the island of Elba, decide to invade France and to end the Corso once and for all.

Only published in Spanish !!!

It is his last chance, he knows it and will run to face one and then against another allied army, in order to defeat them one after another. However, Destiny is not conducive to it and the eagle will fly for the last time in Waterloo.

Author: Jose Luis Espinar Ojeda
Maps: Alfredo Iribarne Martínez
Illustrations: Juan Delgado Diez-Madroñero



The 100 Days of Napoleon

The commanders in liza

The opposing armies

The Waterloo Campaign: Battles and hour by hour in the final battle


Technical Aspects of Weapons in Waterloo

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