Trafalgar 1805


Simple binding, easy to read, with sheets and graphics, as well as explanatory maps that help to perfectly understand what happened during the Trafalgar campaign. 96 pages. Color. Maps. Illustrations. Available in Spanish only.

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“Trafalgar 1805”

The Battle of Trafalgar meant the colonial ruin of Spain, the invasion and subsequent outrage by French of Spanish territory and the definitive rise of England as an undeniable power. Trafalgar confronted the Allied nations at that time: on the one hand, the France of Napoleon and the Spain of Charles IV, and in front of England, by the disputes that France and England kept throughout the orb. Spain brought its ships to such a war while Napoleon rescued what little remained of his navy, decimated by the Revolution and England itself, and organized to try to assault Britain from the shores of Boulogne, where he had his flotilla of landing.
Thousands of human lives, a humiliated and betrayed nation, and an emerging power is the result of a crazy decision by a French admiral in Cape Trafalgar.

Author: Crisanto Lorente González maps: vkrisis illustrations: Juan Delgado Diez-Madroñero ISBN: 978-84-945863-0-9 index:

Introduction declaration of war the plans of Napoleon return of Martinique Combat of Finisterre and blockade in Cadiz the combat:

October 19, 1805 20 October 21: The combat development of the combat October 22. The Relief division

After the battle repercussions of the defeat the commanders conclusion annexes


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