Bernardo de Gálvez: The Campaign of Pensacola, 1781


Bernardo de Gálvez: The Pensacola campaign, 1781, or the independence of the United States of America.

Simple binding, easy to read, with sheets and color graphics, as well as explanatory maps that help to perfectly understand what happened during the life of Bernardo de Gálvez.

246 pages.

In color.



Available only in Spanish.  

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“Bernardo de Gálvez, The Campaign of Pensacola, 1781”

Very few Spaniards know the historical figure of Bernardo de Gálvez, even ignoring the name of this character, despite being the most important Spanish general of the eighteenth century. An unbeaten Malaga who was the terror of the English and whose victories and political action, not only helped but propitiated the independence of the United States; country for which Bernardo de Gálvez is a national hero, whose portrait adorns the US Congress, and which has been recognized by President Obama as the United States’ Citizen of Honor.

Author: Julio Sánchez Bañón Illustrations: Juan de Dios Aragón Carrión Maps and engravings: Institute of History and Military Culture Picture of Marshal Bernardo de Gálvez: Army Museum (Toledo) ISBN: 978-84-945863-3-0 Index:

I.- Family history and first Bernardo campaigns. II.- Louisiana: Preparing the war. III.- The military campaigns of 1779 in Lower Mississippi. IV.- The Spanish military campaigns in 1780. V.- The taking of Pensacola. VI.- The Bahamas and La Paz (1781-1783) VII.- Bernardo de Gálvez Vierry of Mexico. VIII.- Conclusion.


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