Austerlitz 1805: The masterpiece of Napoleon


“Austerlitz 1805: The Masterpiece of Napoleon” Simple binding, easy to read, with color sheets and graphics, as well as explanatory maps that help to fully understand what happened during the campaign of 1805. 224 pages. Color. Maps. Illustrations.

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“Austerlitz 1805: The Masterpiece of Napoleon”

Austerlitz is, without a doubt, the zenith of the military mastery of a genius like Napoleon.

In numerical inferiority, in just three months, from August 25, 1805, the day on which the first units of the “Grande Armée”, stationed in Boulogne, begin to the front, until December 4 of the same year, the day on which the Austrian emperor , Francis I —Francis II, if we attend to his title as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire—requests the armistice. Napoleon has occupied Vienna, destroying almost all of the Austrian army, disbanding the Russian army heading towards Poland and consolidated its full control in Central and Western Europe.

A campaign as fast and decisive is probably never going to be seen again until the German blitzkrieg in World War II.

Author: Juan Carlos Lozano Rodrigo and Raúl Bellido García Illustrations: Henry Aponte Niño and Juan Delgado Diez-Madroñero (12-pound cannon) Maps and engravings: The maps of the Battle of Austerlitz, those of previous combats during the campaign and the graphics of the 38, 39 and 41 are the work of Juan Carlos Lozano

ISBN: 978-84-945863-6-1


  1. Introduction.
  2.  Europe on the eve of the Third
  3. Commanders-in-Chief
    1. Napoleon I
    2. Alexander I
    3. Francis II
    4. General Kutuzov
  4. Armies in the Open
    • The French Army
      • General Staff
      • Infantry
      • Cavalry
      • Artillery
      • Imperial Guard
    • The Austrian Army
      • General Staff
      • Infantry
      • Cavalry
      • Artillery
    • The Russian Army
      • Infantry
      • Cavalry
      • Artillery
      • Imperial Guard
  5. Strategic plans
  6. The Campaign
    • Initial developments
    • From Rhine to Danube
    • Crossing the Danube and the surrender of Ulm
    • Allied withdrawal to Moravia
    • Latest pre-battle moves
  7. The Battle of Austerlitz
    • Battle orders
    • France
    • Allies
    • The fight
    • Low
  8. After the battle
  9. Analysis
  10. Epilogue
  11. Appendices
    • Larrey and military health
    • The Woman in the Napoleonic Armies
  12. Conventions
  13. Bibliography


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